LeeAnn Blanchard is not a chef, vegetarian, or even a foodie. She just likes exploring new and interesting things, including vegetables!

1014 W 36th St
Baltimore, MD 21211


Hi! I’m LeeAnn. Two things you would notice right off the bat if you met me in person are 1) I am not shy, and 2) I am constantly seeking new ideas and learning new things.  Last year, I joined Rotary, finished my first quilt, moved to Baltimore, got back into CrossFit, and made soap. On the slate for this year are starting a vegetable garden, acting as Dungeon Master for a family campaign, launching a YouTube channel, learning American Sign Language, and running a new Meetup group. Although I love expanding my hobby repertoire for novelty’s sake, the real thrill is in sharing the new information with friends and family.  You may hear me saying “Let me introduce you to your new favorite thing” when I’ve just discovered something genuinely awesome which must be broadcast immediately. 

Sharing the discovery experience was really the impetus for this blog (see A Gauntlet Is Thrown for the whole story). I get excited about pursuing my quirky tangents with a like-minded individuals because I am a raging extrovert.  I say am people-powered because groups energize me, and I crave company almost all the time. The Sous Chefs are old friends who simply joined me for the ride!

I’d like to reiterate that I have absolutely no expertise in nutrition, cooking, or even blogging for that matter. My only aim is to encourage others to branch out and try more of Mother Nature’s abundance. You never know what you might be missing!