The Sous Chefs

These are the friends and contributors who have helped me challenge myself. Each one is a competent cook and an encouraging participant as we work through the list together. You can read more about their histories with vegetables in an upcoming blog post,

Ladi Demarco

Ladi is a music therapist and aspires to branch out into voice acting. With the power of Pinterest, she has provided recipe suggestions for many of the more obscure vegetables. She has come over many times for an evening of cooking and watching Korean TV (another passion we both share).

Leslie Smith

Leslie is a former roommate, so she has partaken in many experimental cooking escapades over the years. She is a high school science teacher in New York City now, but she willingly rolls up her sleeves to help me cross another vegetable off my list whenever she’s in town.

Christina Peck

Christina is an old friend, but a newcomer to the challenge. She is a librarian for Arizona State University and an enthusiastic supporter of anything new and diverting. Christina can make anything fun, so the process is the real treat. Eating yummy food afterward is just a bonus!