As my aunt says, “I’d like to know who looked at an artichoke and thought, ‘Yeah, I can eat that.'”  It’s essentially an overgrown thistle.  It doesn’t exactly scream delicious.  Even the name includes the word “choke.”  But I have to say, I’ve really developed a taste for them over the years.  I make a killer artichoke dip (just add dairy and waaaaaaay too much garlic), and I voluntarily add them to sandwiches, salads, and even pizza.  I’ve only had a full roasted artichoke once as an appetizer.  The leaves are peeled away one by one, dipped in butter, then scraped against the teeth to get at the “heart.”  It’s a nice presentation, but it’s like licking a Tootsie Pop–I only have the patience for two before I just want to crack the whole thing open and get on with it!