To me, arugula looks like the dandelion leaves I pulled out of our yard growing up to feed to our pet tortoise.  Someone told me dandelions are poisonous, but apparently not to Turtle Blanchard.  I noticed the weed-looking greens sneaking into salad mixes, but I ate it thinking dandelions must not actually be poisonous if packaged and available as a human foodstuff.  Then arugula started cropping up on menus at fancy restaurants where I was being wined and dined for work.  It came on burgers, in salads, and was also used as a garnish.  They seemed to use it as an alternative for lettuce, but it’s a lot more bitter and a lot less crisp.  In my opinion, it’s one of those leafy greens you just have to muscle through because it’s good for you.  However, the bitterness can cut an otherwise overwhelming variety of flavors.  For instance, I had it on a sandwich with very sweet caramelized onions and it worked.


Mod Pizza